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Indoor Commumication Cables HYV

Indoor Commumication Cables HYV

Product Description

Structure description:
* single soft copper conductor mm(0.4,0.5,0.6,0.7,0.8)
* solid polyolefin insulation (high density, medium density polyethylene)
* polyolefin sheath
* optional line logarithm
Executive standard:
YD/T 840-1996

Electric capability:
Dc resistance Unbaiance of ≤1.5%
Insulation resistance (Insulated hold) 10000 m or more Ω · km
Working capacity 1 KHZ (Work capacitance 1 KHZ) plus or minus 2 nf / 52 km
Dielectric strength of insulation (DC,60s): 1.5kv
Temperature for dixing cable :0~50℃

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