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ADSL2+Self-supporting Broadband Indoor Telephone Cable (HBSYVC/HYVC)

ADSL2+Self-supporting Broadband Indoor Telephone Cable (HBSYVC/HYVC)

Product Description

Structure description:
☆ single bare copper conductor specification mm(0.5,0.6,0.7,0.9)
☆ solid polyolefin insulation (high density, medium density polyethylene)
☆ optional sheath materials :(PVC, flame retardant polyolefin)
☆ optional shielding
☆ special properties are optional (moisture-proof type, enhanced type)
☆ galvanized steel wire reinforcement
☆ can choose the product structure
☆ optional line logarithm

Main forms:
Executive standard: ANSI/ICEA s-98-688-2006
The ANSI/ICEA S - 99-689-1997

Cable type description
HBSYVC HBSYVPC HBSYVFC solid polyolefin insulation, reinforced PVC sheath
HBSYYC HBSYYPC HBSYYFC solid polyolefin insulated and reinforced
HBSYYZC HBSYYZPC HBSYYZFC solid polyolefin insulation, flame retardant polyolefin sheath reinforcement
Note: 1. Shielded cables are mainly used for occasions with high requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.
2. Moisture-proof type is mainly used for laying in leaky days.

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